Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Post 5K / NTRPG Con Gifts Will Be Awarded Tomorrow (although one or two may sneak into tonight's Tavern Chat)

Now that I'm home I'm still playing catch up. Walked into overtime at work - I'm kinda glad my staff didn't give me a heads up, as it may have added needless stress for something I'd have no control over.

Still, things are good. I think I'm going to wear my Judges Guild golf shirt to work tomorrow. Then again, it is cotton and tomorrow is going to hit 90 or more degrees. May need to stick to a wicking fabric.

I'll be awarding the Post 5k / NTRPG Con gifts tomorrow, although if I can swing it I may get to award one or two tonight during the weekly Tavern Chat. It all depends on how well i can literally clear other stuff off my desk.

Finally got a chance to open up May's Mythoard. Nicely done! Rach already snagged the red Chessex dice. +James Spahn 's White Box Omnibous in softcover, the Dungeoneer #18 (thanks +Michael Badolato , The Blessed Hare Alehouse (perfect layout for a tavern), another monster token (my niece stole the last one), a Tombstone mini pad and a Quest Essentials deck. The deck needs a much closer look.

Mythoard is quite possibly the best value in OSR gaming.

Very full box with lots of goodness :)

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