Wednesday, June 10, 2015

50 - 75% off Select Chaosium Print Products - Rach is Gonna Kill Me!

Holy green poop! From the email I got a few minutes ago:

(they left out the link, so use this - Chaosium)

The Stars Are Right...
For a blow-out sale!

We’re here to sell games, and chew bubblegum. And we’re all out of bubblegum.

Over the years, our warehouse has become stuffed full of more Cthulhuy goodness than the Martense Mansion. We’re bursting at the seams and need to make room for the new things coming in!

We’ve decided to blow the doors off Cthulhu’s tomb, and close out all the “Non-Standard” items in our warehouse.

So now’s your chance to get deep discounts on Monographs, Fantasy Flight Games’ Cthulhu games, non-English language editions of our games, CDs, Magazines, The Laundry RPG, miniatures and much more!

Thus, we have 50% off the Following: All BRP and Call of Cthulhu Monographs! Novelties & Accessories! All licensed Call of Cthulhu products, including Fantasy Flight Games boardgames and miniatures, Cubicle 7 books, Golden Goblin, Arc Dreams, and more! All non-English language books! Nephilim!  (These books will not be reprinted or reordered once they’re gone!)

Also, we have 75% off all the remaining stock of Eternal Champion games and D20 Call of Cthulhu Gamemaster’s Packs! (Last chance!)

Plus, look for special bundle packs of Eternal Champion and Nephilim books!

Lastly, as an added incentive, take 10% off everything else we sell. Just because we love you so much.

Ia! Ia! Discounts Fhtagn!

(PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are not shown on the webstore catalog pages! You must add items to your shopping cart, and then the discount will be reflected in the cart.)


  1. Damn I just bought stuff from them a couple weeks ago. Well, time to go buy more....

  2. I managed to get several BRP monographs I'd been on the fence about. Too tempting to pass up at the price.

  3. Bought Merrie England, Blood Tide, and Crusaders of the Amber Coast. Would've bought Mythic Iceland if they had it in print.


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