Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Really Wish I Had Taken Off the Extra Day

Rach and I flew back yesterday. We were supposed to arrive in NYC from Dallas around 730 last night - instead we didn't get to the house until nearly midnight after the flight was delayed, cancelled, rebooked, delayed and finally rerouted around last night's storms.

You know that post where I considered using weather as an adversary? Fuck that noise. It's miserable, no matter how you slice it. There is no heroism in sitting at your gate for over 4 hours...

We will be going back to NTRPG Con next year. That is a guarantee. The plan is to rent one of the peripheral Trinity rooms next year. Yes, myself and a few others have plans. +Michael Badolato I also have some low to no cost ideas as to how to make them more visible / more trafficked. Yes, +Zach Glazar told me I needed to get a table for next year, but I'll be a New Yorker in Texas, and you know that everything in Texas just has to be big.

I've read nearly a dozen G+, Facebook and blog posts where folks give shout outs to all those they met or spoke to at the con - I'm not going to do that, for the simple reason that I will forgot folks that should have been mentioned but weren't.

Still, there are a few mentions that need to be made:

To the Dragon's Foot Forum poster in the hotel pool on Wednesday who didn't know who Erik Tenkar was nor of the blog Tenkar's Tavern - I've asked Rach to be less in the face of those that don't know who I am at the con (who, to be totally honest, is the vast majority.) Damn, but I married a pit bull ;)

To all those that asked about Feltothraxis, including last year's benefactor of the wooden dowel, I expect he will make an appearance next year. Maybe a podcast appearance or two before that.

To +Bill Webb 's son, who coolly beat me over the auction of cocobolo polyhedral dice, may they roll well for you. I'll remember to bring deeper pockets next year.

To Doug and Bad Mike, thanks for treating Rach and I and the rest of the NTRPG Con attendees as family. It makes the con just that much more special. I'm not sure the stories Bad Mike told Rach and I he tells to all - we probably all get our own stories to cherish about Doug and Zach and the rest :)

To those that recognized me from the podcasts I can be heard on, you do realize that 3 of the 4 hosts of the Brainstorm have New York roots - my New York accent can't stand out that much.

To everyone I gamed with, talked with, shook hands, hugged, shared a beer or a simple hello, I thank you. NTRPG Con would not have been the same without you.

So, when does early registration start?


  1. That's awesome that your wife got in the face of some guy who didn't recognize you.

    My wife would probably be more like, "I don't recognize him either."

  2. I dunno but around Friday I shoved $45 into Doug's hand and told him to consider me registered for next year.

    1. heh - he told me the story ;)

    2. Hey, if they're starting to fill up every year I'm not gonna fool around.

    3. The jokes on you Glen, Doug considers that a tip.

      I'll remind him, don't worry...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. " I also have some low to no cost ideas as to how to make them more visible / more trafficked.'

    You going to borrow the Midnight Devilettes?

  5. Tenkar, I have an idea that builds upon your awesome upgrade idea. I will have my gnomes contact your dwarves to hammer out a proposal soon :)

  6. Sorry 'bout the weather, but curious how you felt about ASE? James runs a very solid ASE game.

  7. I know your name from this blog but would not know you from Adam in person.

  8. Maybe next year you can take that extra kicker day. Those are the best.


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