Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's Been That Kind of Week - Gifts to be Awarded Friday / Saturday

Got back to work early Tuesday morning (after the fiasco now known as Escape From Dallas) with one of those projects that is a smoking pile of poop. Got to work at 730 am Tuesday. Project landed last Friday. My staff told me at 930 am Tuesday. God bless them.

They heard all my stories of NTRPG Con (and saw the devil the pics of +Michael Badolato ) before dropping the shoe. It wasn't a pleasant show.

Overtime on Tuesday. Overtime on Wednesday. Overtime today, but I put the project to bed around 545 this afternoon.

Then Rach and I said goodbyes to our regular bartender for a month as he heads of to Ireland. Con, overtime, drinking with an Irishman - it all leads to this - barely coherent posting.

Tomorrow night the "B-Team" will explore the Far Away Lands. Saturday Night The Badger takes the reigns. The weekend is for catch up. Presents to give away. Content to create. Sleep/ Magical fucking sleep.

It will be a good weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Sad that my obit may say "Best known for playing Satan at the NTRPG Con Midnight Auction...."


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