Friday, June 12, 2015

Tomorrow is Always a Day Away - Weekend Catch Up Time

Rach has plans for my free time this weekend. Little does she know how little of it I actually have ;)

Tonight we finally get the "B" Team back together for a romp thru Far Away Land. Should be a blast. I'm sorry I never got a session going at NTRPG Con, but I can't sat it's because I had nothing to do.

This weekend I will FINALLY award the giveaways. If I'm lucky, I may even mail some out. Actually, the smaller items will get mailed quickly as I now have a postal scale and about 50 bucks in stamps handy.

I'm also going to mail out stuff for the higher backers at Patreon and get the PDF in order for most of the other backers. Oh, and get back to creating some more White Box and White Star content.

Busy times. Good times. Huzzah!

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