Sunday, June 22, 2014

Free RPG Day Pick #13 - The Caves of Ortok (Adventure with S&W, LL and OSRIC Editions / PWYW)

Now this, I can talk about, as I ran a playtest of the Caves of Ortok using my house ruled S&W rules. It plays out very well, and only smart play from my players (and the DM - that's me - missing a small bit of info I just happened to forget) kept us from losing multiple characters. It's a challenge, but a damn good one.

Caves of Ortok comes in three flavors - S&W, LL and OSRIC flavors. The link on this post takes you to the S&W version, but there are links on that page to the other versions.

Caves of Ortok is PWYW, so grab it, read it and if you think it's worth it, toss a few silver into the tip jar.

Oh, and yes +Jason Paul McCartan , you got the 13th spot ;)


  1. Interested to see the MOBI version. Awesome to be able to run this from my Kindle Paperwhite.

    1. I hope you enjoy it. I"m cognizant that a lot of people don't want just PDF, which is why I'm supplying eBook. I'm also aware of and supporting those with disabilities, which is why the raw text is given out as well, and I'm working to put together audio versions of the VS series of products that you can listen to as you prep.

      The MOBI version looks pretty good but it's a a conversion (a good one) from the EPUB format rather than built natively. I'm looking into how I can build MOBI natively instead of doing it this way for the future.

  2. Gah! Was surprised to see this when I woke up this morning (after being offline all late last night being ill). I'm very surprised and humbled.

    To all those that have downloaded (especially those that have paid something towards it), there's a massive update coming that changes the trade tress in the PDF version of it. Layers are added to allow you to switch things on and off, bookmarks are being added as well, new artwork is being inserted. Nothing in the core text is being changed.

    The ebook versions will gain the artwork too.

    There's also 6x9 versions of the books coming, for easier mobile device reading.


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