Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free RPG Day Loot - WTF is with the LotFP Free RPG Day Cover?

What the fuggity fug is "The D-Cave?" "Cry al - hi - something." It's like James is speaking in code.

There is a blue crystal blocking the title - or is that a blue penis, as you really never know with James these days. Nice to see the crystal (penis?) is branded at the "head" with "Lamentations of the Flame Princess." No, we don't need to know what the product is actually called, but we'll give you the publisher's name where the title should be.

James puts together amazing products to hold, but this cover is a confused piece of something or other.

Now, I just got this and the C&C and Goodman Games Free RPG Day stuff from Noble Knight in the mail today and this just made me go "what the fuck was he thinking?" when I saw the cover. Nice dungeon map on the inside cover, but that doesn't make this mess go away.

The more I think on it, it must be a blue crystal penis on the cover. That's why it's the "D-Cave"...


  1. I haven't seen the official title anywhere, but my head fills it in as "The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children". Is that close?

    1. referring to the back cover of said product...

      yes, you are correct.

      tou win the famous "No Prize!" ;)

  2. If it was the Dick Cave of the Crystal-Shitting Chicken, I might understand the cover art placement. But... huh?

  3. He does keep pushing the envelope on what is considered "standard" though. I like it for that reason.

  4. People are talking about it. Marketing win.

  5. There you go again, thinking with you d----

  6. "The Derp-Cave of the Crystal-Meth Children"

  7. Not a crystal member, actually a room sized JO crystal. It was an enjoyable read.


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