Monday, June 23, 2014

Tim Shorts Suggested an "OSR Day" - I Second the Motion

+Tim Shorts , he of the excellent blog Gothridge Manor, suggested that our corner of the gaming universe have an "OSR Day", a day where we highlight free OSR offerings and hopefully get some of the OSR publishers to offer some prized pieces of their PDF library for free on that day.

In some ways, we had something similar over the weekend with the 13 Free RPG offerings I highlighted for Free RPG Day. Most of what I pointed out was OSR in nature for no other reason than that's where my attention lies these days.

I think Tim's idea is a good one. Tim also suggested I organize it, which isn't a horrible idea BUT I do have to wrap up OSR Superstar, launch a podcast in the next few weeks and announce another project that I'm really excited about but can't talk about just yet.

Here's my suggestion. If you are a publisher and have some free OSR publications you want highlighted for an OSR Day, go to Tim's blogpost on this topic and tell him you have info for him. I'm sure he'll appreciate it ;)

Or, if you don't want to harass Tim, email tenkarsDOTtavernAT that gmail thing with "OSR Day" in the topic. Let me know what you want highlighted on the as yet unchosen day. If you have something that would be free for that day only, make a special notation of such.

I suspect, at earliest, the day would be mid September, early October, but it doesn't hurt to get the ball rolling now.

Do harass Tim tho'. He'd like you to say "hi" ;)


  1. hehe, feel free to harass. It never stops Erik.

  2. Erik, we third the motion. We'd love to participate in something like that.

    1. I've got some things that need to get sorted before i can organize this - so we shall aim for early fall ;)

    2. Someone's going to have to show you how to eat smaller bites, my friend...

  3. Sounds like an appropriate date to me. SECONDED!


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