Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator & Solo GM Guidebook - About to Dig In

I'm still digging out from a crap-ton of RPG products to review, let alone read. Some stuff arrived right before NTRPG Con, some was awaiting my return from NTRPG Con and some has arrived in recent days.

I'm so glad I'm on vacation for a week. Time to dig into the goodies.

The Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator & Solo GM Guidebook is one of the recent acquisitions I need to really dig into. Now that Rachel has had a taste of roleplaying thanks to the NTRPG Con and excellent DM's like +Tim Snider , +Zach Glazar and +Matt Finch , I need to make sure to feed her some more roleplaying on occasions. I figure this with Scarlet Heroes would make a solid one on one gaming session.

I'll try to give it a test later on this week ;)



  1. Happy Vacation and Happy Digging in.

  2. Hmm, okay Doug last night and now this one Erik...you guys are punching holes in my bank account.

  3. Erik, I'm actually putting the Adventure Creator through its paces right now.


  4. I've found the creation sheets and some of the advice to be pretty useful. The only shame is the quality of the binding; I'm not sure how long it's going to last, but it's not really an issue since I use the pdf version almost exclusively.


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