Monday, June 23, 2014

Bundle of Holding - Traveller 2300 AD (Mongoose Edition)

I've always had a fondness for Traveller. I remember having "book room duty" in High School, and after spending 10 minutes delivering books, Andrew D and myself would roll up characters for Traveller as our own minigame, trying to survive character generation. Good times.

Traveller 2300 is the version of Traveller I always wanted to play, but couldn't convince any of the others in my gaming group to do so. Ah well.

This is the Mongoose version of Traveller 2300AD, which includes the Mongoose Traveller core rules. I have those but nothing else in this package. I may just have to get in on this one, as it's a short term bundle. Just about 2 days left as I post this...


  1. It's an incredibly strange short amount of time, and that's two Mongoose deals in a row. I'm holding out for a Judge Dredd one coming up, as I have a couple of holes in that.

  2. I run the Bundle of Holding site. It may seem strange to offer a collection for only a few days, but it's an attempt to optimize the offer's length to match the demand I perceive. If I gauge the demand wrong, well, it's usually possible to extend the offer.

    1. Allen, thanks for responding. I was more commenting on the extreme shortness of this offer when compared to the previous one. I know there have been short ones before and 2300AD is probably a little bit of the beaten path for many.

      Also just want to give a shoutout for running such a great site that manages to keep separating me from my money.


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