Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kickstarter - The Lost City of Barakus - PDF / S&W - In Hand

Somewhere, packed away in a box in storage, in my 3e version of The Lost City of Barakus. I never was a 3e player (or DM), but I did pick up odds and ends, especially stuff with old school flavor. I must have read through The Lost City of Barakus at least 2 times and skimmed through it more times than I can count.

I now have the PDF of the Swords &Wizardry version of Barakus, and I must say, I'm really enjoying it. If I didn't already have multiple campaigns going (and an Other Dust campaign kicking off imminently) I'd use my week off from work to fully immerse myself in Barakus with the intention of running it before the summer is out. I may still read it through from end to end this week though I'm not sure when I'll get to run it.

A mega dungeon with an fleshed surrounding sandbox and a handful of short adventure seeds to use in town and the surrounding just add to the depth.

Fun times.

Did I mention I love the cover art?

I'll post a review when I get far enough along in my reading to do so properly.

The PDF is $20. The Hardcover preorder is $40, but I do believe that includes the PDF for instant gratification (I am, however, not 100% sure, and the site isn't really clear on this. I got my PDF code from backing the Kickstarter - orders direct from Frog God DO include the PDFs for free)

(for a Kickstarter that's due in August, it's well on track)


  1. Book orders direct from Frog God always include the free pdf with the book.

  2. At the time I didn't have the extra money to back this, although I wanted to. I'll need to see what I can do fix that now.

  3. I was really pleased to get this so soon, and have been skimming around in the PDF. I also ordered a copy of Stoneheart Valley to go along with it, and wasn't expecting a PDF but got one anyway.

    Looking forward to the physical copies -- I almost never read RPG material from a screen.


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