Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Savage Worlds for 5 Bucks in PDF (and other Fine Bargains)

That New Year, New Game promotion at RPGNow has some non-OSR standouts too.

Savage Worlds Deluxe works out to be 5 bucks for the core rules. If I wanted to play a multi-genre RPG system, this would probably be my choice. I'd need some hand holding, but hey, it's an inexpensive enough investment that I'll
suffer through the hand holding ;)

Numenra is Monte Cook's big get these days. There's a good game system behind the annoying watermarking behind the text. 10 bucks isnt a bad deal for what you get, and it's probably more playable than D&D Next is anyway.

Sorcery & Super Science! - for $3.50 you get a pulp sci-fi game wrapped up in 48 pages. Ot take it for a free test drive with the House of the Blue Men Quick start / Advernture

Thousand Suns - maybe you're like me, waiting for the endless journey known as Dwimmermount to

come to completion. Some might not know that James Mal, the Grognard himself, had a life before he found the OSR. At $7.50, you can read some of James' work now, unlike those of us waiting on Dwimmermount.

Achtung! Cthulhu: Three Kings - PDQ Core Rule Book - this is just fucking cool, and at $7.50, I may just need to grab a copy. Nazis and Deep Ones for the win!

Iron Age FRP - wow, I remember the failed Indigogo fundraiser. Now it's all grown up and
just $7.50 in PDF. At least the cover looks cool.

King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.1- an amazing game in the hands of the right gaming group. Alas, that group is not mine..

Legend of the Five Rings - I've only heard good stuff about this game. It may finally be time to check it out.

Alright, I have Savage Worlds, Numenera and Pendragon. Anyone want to sell me on any of the ones listed above, or others on sale not listed?


  1. Hey Erik hope you don't mind me asking your other readers.. anyone out there play Numenara yet? I've read a bit about it and my group is looking to try something different..

  2. I've played Numenera. I highly recommend it if you are looking for wild science fantasy.

    I also recommend Savage Worlds, and Achtung! Cthulhu. I just got the AC Investigator and Keeper's book through the Kickstarter and I really want to get a game of Lovecraftian WWII adventure going.

  3. The two "reviews" at RPGNow for Iron Age seem ... "fishy." My scam-dar says, paid shill. Anybody else getting that vibe?

  4. @NA Jones, not sure but now I'm curious. After the glowing reviews and Tenkars mention here, I picked it up and have been glancing through it. Much more crunchy and complicated than I was hoping based on the reviews. Also, it's clearly written in English by a non-native speaker with poor typing skills. Grammar errors are everywhere, along with typos. Here are a couple of excerpts to show grammatical problems and mechanical "oddities".

    "Primary Characteristics : They can be trained through four
    levels, while those if Special Characteristic group cannot be
    advanced through training through four basic levels but are
    instead increased by specific actions, investing in certain aptitudes, gained as a benefit of profession, while others are bound to the specific Primary Characteristic and increase in the same time as do they."

    Ummmm, ok?

    Here's an example of the overly complex mechanics,

    "Endurance (End): represents characters resistance to harm as
    well as his endurance, hence its name. It influences Stamina
    levels and Reduction (Red).
    Stamina (St): Stamina represents characters natural ability to
    handle exertion. To calculate the stamina total, add Endurance to racial stamina and the level of character’s profession.
    Reduction (Red):
    Reduction shows the resilience of a character. His or her body
    is hardened by heavy labor or incessant fighting.
    To calculate the character’s reduction (Red), divide the endurance of the character by 2 (always round down). Reduction gained through End isn’t ignored by attagcks that circumvent Protection."

    So, Endurance represents....endurance, which impacts Stamina which represents exertion which impacts....reduction? And, in case you were wondering, no, "Reduction gained through End isn’t ignored by attagcks that circumvent Protection."

    All typos were properly preserved. Kinda regretting this purchase.


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