Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best Laid Plans Plans and All That Jazz

Yesterday was supposed to be "post office day" for the 12th Day of Christmas prizes. Didn't happen. Between the snow thursday into friday and all day vet travel yesterday (I've got all wheel drive now) the post office never happened. Good news (if you can call it that) is that between the vet and testing at the animal hospital, my parents' cat has either irritable bowels syndrome OR cancer. Both are treated with steroids, but with cancer it just masks the symptoms. Long fucking day. Fritzy is only 12, and his sister came down with an untreatable respiratory illness and was put to sleep this past spring. Very emotional day and the cat will be at the vet for the next couple of days to see if the steroid treatments improve his condition.

I'll try and leave work early one day this week and get to the post office and get this stuff out.

Luckily, +Joe D stepped up to run last night's game session, as I don't drink when I DM, and I need a drink or three last night.

I'll give a bit of a write up of Joe's Blood Island session later, but it was spot on and epic. Well done Joe!


  1. Sorry to hear about Fritzy.

    When I first moved in with my roommate and his wife, there were 32 cats, now there are 17.

    It's rough.

  2. thx man! i had a good time too. :)


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