Saturday, January 11, 2014

Staples, Home Brewing and Playoff Football - Oh My!

So, I realized something as I was getting the packages together from the 12 Days of OSR Christmas - the only mailing tubes I had were ones that were keeping my own maps and such safe - so, onward to Staples. I returned with stuff to mail out goodies AND a new desk chair for my wife. Now I need to hit a private postal affiliate that is open on Sundays...

Today was the time to bottle the home brewed beer for secondary fermentation / carbonation. 30 25oz bottles. The wife helped filling the bottles, so I guess I do owe her chair assembly. Mmmmm! Beer!

Halftime in the Seattle / New Orleans playoff game.

Need to prep for tonight's S&W game at 930 tonight.

I plan to give the d30 Sandbox Companion a bit of a workout tonight...

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