Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Plans - Reviews, Critiques, Kickstarters, Games and Hopefully Mail

I've got a full plate this weekend (which is even fuller with four games of playoff football here in the states and I expect to watch three of them).

Here's what I have planned thus far:

- A look at the DCC RPG Dice Kickstarter

- A review of the Cartographer's Guide to the Creatures of Eira

- A review of GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling (I don't do much GURPS these days, but I did in the past, and got on board back with Man to Man, so this isn't all that huge a stretch for me)

- A trip to the post office to get some of these OSR Christmas gifts in the mail. I appreciate the patience from those receiving, but my wife is losing hers and wants it OUT! ;)

- An in depth look at the Kickstarter fiasco - All Flesh Must be Eaten They Became Flesh (edit: oops!)(complete with backer only updates thanks to an anonymous patron of this fine Tavern - I owe them a drink)

- Grumpy is going to pick apart the latest update of info on D&D Next - it may not be as bad as you fear, but worse than you think - or something

- I get to run a session of S&W Complete with the "A Team" tomorrow night - woot!

I'm sure other stuff will sneak in - "safe words", "unsafe words", "words that go bump in the night", "words that make sure every kid is a winner and gets a trophy, so no one loses, because that is what real life is like, right?"

Sorry, two episodes of Game of Thrones with the wife with three beers and I have my Irish up. I'll go back to the non-offending schlep everyone loves... or not. Because I've NEVER been that guy ;)

1 comment:

  1. So who is it who is actually *defending* the safe word nonsense? All I've seen so far is derision for the idea.


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