Sunday, January 5, 2014

Putting the d30 Sandbox Companion in Motion - It's Tavern Time!

I figured talk is talk, but rolling dice is the game, baby! Or some such nonsense. In any case, I figured I'd roll up two taverns using the tables provided in the d30 Sandbox Companion.

Using the Tavern Name Generator on page 36, I roll a 10 for the first tavern, giving me a result of TNG 2b / TNG 3d - so, 2b and 3d are the tables I roll on.

2b - roll a 1 - "angry"

3d - roll a 2 - "brownie"

The Angry Brownie

For the second tavern, I roll a 21, for a result of TNG 3b / TNG 3b - 2 rolls on the same table - interesting.

3b first roll is a 14 - "queen"

3b second roll is a 1 - "mage"

The Mage Queen - you know there is a story behind this one.

Lets go to page 37 and get some further details of these taverns. There are 5 tables, and they cover accommodations, rooms & bedding, physical features, reputation and featured main dish.

Note: The Accommodations Table is not read as a standard d30 - instead, the 1s digit and the 10s digit are read separately.

Starting with The Angry Brownie, we roll a 13 on the Accommodations Table - 1s digit tells us it is a 1-story, timber and stone building and the 10s digit tells us it's new.

Rooms and Bedding is a 3 - poor accommodations, hammocks in the main room.

Notable physical feature - 12 - exterior wall is constructed from salvaged stone from a previous wall.

Reputation - 16 - it is known for it's demi-human patrons.

Food - 30 - featured main dish is venison ribs in wine.

So, The Angry Brownie is a recently built tavern of salvaged stone and timber (rumors of the origin of the stone abound). It's frequented by the shorter races, who aren't put off by the hammocks hanging in the main hall. It's known for it's venison ribs in a wine sauce - at least, they claim it is venison.

Moving on to The Mage Queen we get the following:

Accommodations - 9 - old, 2 story, stone

Rooms and Bedding - 20 - medium rooms with straw mattresses.

Notable physical feature - 29 - stained glass windows.

Reputation - 25 - it is known for it's heinous prostitutes.

Food - 11 - featured dish is its liver sausage custard pie.

Hmmm. The Mage Queen is an old, two story stone tavern adorned with weathered stained glass windows. Known for some of the most heinous looking harlots within 2 days ride, one does not go there for the company but rather for the food. The liver sausage custard pie is surprisingly good.

If one wanted some info on the tavern keeper, page 35 - Shop & Shopkeeper Information has tables that would be useful.

Just think the tavern tables allow for over 2 million combinations of taverns...


  1. Two million pubs. That's worse than the Micklegate Run!

  2. Thanks for the commentary on the product as always, I downloaded and hope to look at it this evening.

  3. If you're there for dinner, ask for the special.
    "I'll have the liver sausage custard pie" will just get you a night with the heinous angels on the second story.


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