Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There Will be TWO "Best of Kickstarter 2013" Posts - My Picks and the Picks of The Tavern's Patrons (Two "Worst of Posts" Too)

I am not so full of my self that I believe my opinion has more weight than that of The Tavern's loyal patrons. I do, however, like to praise those proejcts that deserve compliments and snark on those that deserve snark. So, what I plan on doing is a two posts - my best and worst of 2013 Kickstarters AND two posts for my readers' best and worst picks of Kickstarter 2013.

Obviously there are lots of gaming Kickstarters that I have not been following, and leaving determinations of best and worst solely in my hands would be a disservice. Besides, I'd hate to fail to highlight some of the gems out there or miss out on some excellent snark ;)

I'll leave nominations for best and worse open through tomorrow evening at the least.

Excellent feedback already on earlier today's post.


  1. For best I would have to say Wicked Fantasy by John Wick. Delivered on time (I think the pdfs were early actually along with the soundtrack) and the book was top notch. He's also still working on a few stretch goals and bonuses, we got the GM Screen the other day. Tons of updates before, after and during.

  2. Whisper & Venom has already been nominated, but it gets my vote. There are several others that I'm very excited about, but so far only half the transaction has occurred.....


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