Saturday, October 19, 2013

OpenQuest 2nd Edition - Hardcover in Hand - 99.99% OGL

It funny. Just the other day, I was posting about RQ2 (Chaosium) and today I get the HC of OpenQuest 2 from last year's Indiegogo Campaign.

If I'm going to run a fantasy game outside of the traditional OSR rulesets, this is the game I'd run. It feels like a hybrid of sorts between RQ2 and RQ3, built off of the MRQ OGL rules.

Heck, except for the art and the maps, this sucker is ALL OGL.

Shit - I'm a player in TWO games tonight (if I can pull the timing off), the tomorrow is football and the first part of the Adventures Dark & Deep review. I need more free time and I need it NOW! ;)


  1. Didn't you already do a part one of the review for Adventures Dark and Deep? http://www.tenkarstavern.com/2013/09/review-adventures-dark-and-deep-part.html

    Anyway, Looking forward to it. I think we all need more free time.. and money.

  2. OpenQuest 2nd edition looks very tempting there....interested to hear more about it, and how it varies (or not) from other D100/BRP iterations.

  3. What did the page count wind up being for OQ2? And that hardback looks nice. I can't wait for Newt to release those for general purchase

  4. If someone new to RuneQuest/BRP was interested in running Griffin Mountain or Pavis & Big Rubble using an in-print version of the rules that isn't as daunting as RQ6, would this be the way to go?

    1. OQ2 looks to be the easier ruleset to grasp. RQ6 buried me.

      Are we talking the old boxed sets, or the more recent releases of GM and Pavis?

    2. The more recent Moon Design releases.

      My RQ experience amounts to a single session run by Jennell Jaquays at North Texas RPG Con, which was fun but didn't give me much familiarity with the rules.

      Does OQ2 provide enough info specific to Glorantha (magic, etc.) to run GM or Pavis successfully, or is some version of RQ itself required?

    3. The mapping between OQ2 and RQ isn't exact, and there's nothing about Glorantha in OCQ, but the two are similar enough enough that it shouldn't be difficult to run old RQ material, or the reprints, with OQ2. I've thought about running Big Rubble with OQ2.

  5. Late to the party, but OQ works great for those books. I ran an OQ game of Pavis and Borderlands a year or so back, and it was easy as pie. I didn't bother doing any conversion at all, really. When brood and gargoyles attacked the PCs, I just used the RQ2 stats, but rejiggered them into the OQ rules. Converted skills and magic on the fly.

    For example, OQ has "Melee" and "Missile" and "Brawling" as the combat skills, while RQ/BRP uses a separate skill for each weapon. I just used the NPCs highest rated skill and got on with it.

    OQ is a great game, and I can't wait to give OQ2 a try.


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