Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hooks, Rumors and Seeds - Letting the Party Choose the Next Adventure

I'm using Obsidian Portal for the campaign updates and such for the Swords & Wizardry Wilderlands Campaign that kicked off yesterday. I used the crowdsourced contact table whose entries were submitted by this blog's community, and it went off EXTREMELY well. It's a great resource.

I need to sort out the rumors that were submitted on the later post, and award prizes as appropriate. Hopefully tomorrow.

Now, I've tossed three figurative balls at my party, for them decide on the direction for the next session. I have them up on the OP page, but I'm going to copy them below for feedback (each leads to a classic DCC adventure that should last about a session - I'm probably going to hold off on the longer adventurers until the party is all 2nd level or higher):
Posting at Tenkar’s Tavern- “The Hamlet of Barrowdown is in need of Heroes! Please Help! Worms with faces are destroying our crops and have poisoned our well! Time is running out! Will pay in gold and all rights to loot. See bartender for further details.” 
Rumor – Lower sections of Sacred Rock have been sinking. Sewers are backing up with heavy rain and high tide combinations. May have something to do with the “old mages guild”. (previously looted many times over) 
Posting at Town Center – “Looking for volunteers to recover religious relics. Discretion required. Volunteer are nearest church (we are an equal worshipper employer)”
Yeah, I'm making The Tavern a location in the Souther Reaches of the Wilderlands ;)

(for those that want to follow the Obsidian Portal Page for this campaign, you'll need to send me a "friend request" from within Obsidian Portal - just send it to "trublunite" and I'll add you to the friends list so you can follow along)

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