Friday, October 18, 2013

New OSR Kickstarter - Adventures in the East Mark - The Red Box

There is some amazing art examples at the Adventures in the East Mark - The Red Box Kickstarter page, apparently from later releases in the series.

Yes, I said series, as this BECMI clone is already on the market in Spain - in Spanish, of course. The Kickstarter is to bring it to the English speaking market.

Oh, did I mention its a boxed set? Rules, adventure, GM screen, dice and a pencil for 30 bucks.

Yep, I'm already in for a box. If nothing else, it gives me more options no matter the system I go with.


  1. I was wondering if you are going to address this :) I find the art style and approach of this to be really really top notch. As far as system goes this seems like a B/X and BECMI mash-up to me with lots of classes (added in the later boxset). It is really value for money and I hope project succeds. There is a really a lot of material for the whole line (3 boxsets with a fourth one coming) so I hope you promote those guys as much as you can :)

  2. I too was wondering if you were going to mention this. Everything I've seen so far looks nice ... my wife wants to kill me since I picked up the Spanish edition and am making her read it to me :).

    Its good stuff.

  3. I'm only as good as my readers.

    this would have escaped me for a bit longer if a reader hadn't pointed it out to me.

    damn near impossible to keep on top of EVERYTHING without help ;)

  4. The one above is from the Red Box :)

  5. That artwork is amazing!! personally I think that guy is screwed..

  6. I've been eyeing this Kickstarter for a couple days.. I know these guys will deliver a product unlike some of these other RPG Kickstarters.. Although, I still have a couple other books I want to get.. So I have some decisions to make .


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