Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some of the Excellent Art From the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary

The art in the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary was funded by those that supported the Kickstarter, and it's damn good.

Here's some examples:

There are literally hundreds more pieces of art in here, and for the first time in a long time I plan on using art from a "monster book" in game, even if my game is Swords & Wizardry these days. All I need to do is swap the ACs (as we are using ascending) and we're good to go.

+Joseph Bloch , let me say it again - well done!


  1. This particular credit has to go to the artists. I was extraordinarily fortunate to have such a great team working on the illustrations.

  2. Oh, and a quick formula to convert descending to ascending AC:

    Ascending AC = | Descending AC - 10 |

    Where the thing inside the | marks is Absolute Value (i.e., ignore the negative sign and just use the number itself).

    1. I would think, the formula would be like this instead:
      Ascending AC = 20 - descending AC

      For example: descending AC 2 = ascending AC 18 (20-2). And descending AC -6 = Ascending AC 26 (20 - -6 = 20+6)

  3. Tomorrow I'll have my review up, but I love that Succubus.

    1. Gotta say she's one of my favorites, too. That and the sidhe.

  4. I love this style of art. So reminiscent of my early experiences with AD&D. Looking forward to picking this up for the art (and then probably convert to DCC RPG) ;)


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