Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sandboxing With a VTT - Planning In Between Sessions

I'm excited to return to sandbox play with my gaming group. It's fun for them and it's fun for me AND it keeps me on my toes. I do expect to keep the game moving via G+, emails and Obsidian Portal in between game sessions, as it will allow me (and them) to be on the same page with the start of each session.

Our next session of the S&W Wilderlands Campaign is in 2 weeks, and between now and then I want to feed my players some plot hooks and rumors and then get a feel for where they want to go. I can ready three or four adventure and let them decide at 915 on a Saturday night and hope for the best, or I can give them some leads and see which ones they want to follow up on. Basically, putting the majority of my effort into the directions the party wants to go in.

Do you, as a DM, run minor events / campaign maintenance in between sessions, or do you try to get everything accomplish "in session"? Why or why not?


  1. We have a minimum of 2 weeks between gaming sessions with the same DM (there are two of us who alternate weekends). So we try to end each session with the party at a "pause point" and then allow for inter-player dialogue and things like research (reading that BBEG's journal that was found a few rooms back) during the off-time. We frequently accomplish quite a bit, especially the character-to-character dialog that doesn't involve everyone and might slow down an at-the-table session.

  2. The main determinant is how busy I am. I'm an academic so in the summer I can spend time on play-by-post and all kinds of admin stuff, but right now I mostly just stick to the sessions. I did do a couple nice maps for my new Wilderlands game this morning. :)


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