Sunday, October 20, 2013

Announcing Recruitment for the S&W Wilderlands Campaign "B Team"

I kicked off our new Southern Reaches of the Wilderlands Swords & Wizardry Complete sandbox campaign a week ago Saturday and I've gotten a number of inquiries from those looking for an open slot or to be an alternate.

Screw that!

I'm going to run a semi-open session one Friday night night decided upon by the community a month starting November.

Same world. Same campaign. Events in one session will be reflected in the other.

"Team B" players will have priority for open spots in the regular, 2 to 3 sessions a month "A Team" group.

I just put up the Southern Reaches of the Wilderlands - Sandbox  community on G+. It's a private community, so if you want in, ask to join and I'll let you in. This is where players for the Friday Night sessions will be drawn from.

It's barebones right now, but as the week goes on, I'll add in posts for the houserules and such.

Sessions will be run using G+ / Roll20, so if you are one of those that thinks G+ is evil, there's not much I can do to help you at this time ;)

Players will be added to the Obsidian Portal Group after they play their first session.


  1. probably 8-12 pm eastern for the Friday session, but that's a little flexible.

    the regular group plays 930 to whenever on Saturday nights

  2. If I wasn't playing in the Friday night TORG campaign I'd be all over this, Erik.

    1. Torg brings back some memories ;)

      Fridays just seems like an easier day to schedule around, but I'm fairly flexible.

      Sun - Thursday I'd have to aim for 7 - 1030 / 1100, due to work starting at 630 AM ;)

      Join the community on G+, and as we get more sign ups we can work on a day / time. Since we are aiming for once a month (occasionally twice perhaps ans work permits) another day of the work may just work out

  3. I'd like a spot, too, if I can. I don't think I can play all the way to 12 (I work Saturdays) but I can stick around to about 11. If that's okay, I'd love to play.

    I've never played S&W, but I played AD&D for years, so I'm good on the basics. :)

    1. I +1 the 11pm-ish as I too work Sat morning.

  4. Hi all. I'm one of the Team A players. Erik and I alternate on the Saturday night game. Mine is a hacked LOTFP game, in my own setting of Blood Island I've been developing. Vikings and and a dangerous island with a big fucking pyramid on it. We are in the process of getting the group to roll up characters to kick it off. Erik had the idea, and I agree, that it might be good to drop by and say hi and ask if anyone might be interested in being the backup players to our backup alternate game, in case we're light on regulars. Let Erik get his groove thang on first, then we can work on mine if anyone is interested. We can talk more about it later in the Southern Reaches community Erik set up. See ya all there!


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