Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Name is "Mike Nystul", and I've Got the Biggest... Balls of Them All!

Earlier today on Facebook

Yesterday on the Axes & Anvils Kickstarter
I'm glad Mike is honest enough to call his latest ideas "schemes". Oh, and he's right. He probably shouldn't share them, as they aren't "unrealistic promises" but further attempts to separate fools from their money.

Still, I will give Mike this much credit - he admits he's a fuck up, that he fucked up and that he can't make due. Oh, and he still posts. And answers posts. If nothing else, that takes a huge set of balls.

Contrast that with Tom from the Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter - this ass swears he shipped the books 3 weeks ago, promised delivery in "14 business days" which sounds like he's using the Pony Express and now those 14 days have come and gone and not a fucking peep.

Maybe Mike has a right to "The Biggest Balls of them All!" ;)


  1. A never ending cycle. Doing the same thing over and over again . . . expecting different results.

    What's that called again?


  2. I officially requested a refund from Nystul for A&A. His response was that he didn't have the $20.

    1. He never answered my request for a refund seven months ago.

      Class act.

  3. Not surprised. One thing all con men must have is an absolute ballsy approach to life....I've heard of some of them coming back to past victims to cheat them AGAIN...and succeeding. How much you want to bet some of the same people tossing money to him on kickstarter will follow that with money on Indiegogo?

    1. Anyone who gives him another nickel at this point deserves to lose their money. There has to be a limit to gullibility.

  4. So the homeless vagabond thing didn't pan out?

    Only this guy could fuckup being homeless.

  5. With all his free time you'd think he could finish writing the products and then give people pdfs at the very least as a form of "make it yup to y'all". Bottom line is - he isn't even trying.

  6. According to his Facebook posts, he's busy with a new game.

  7. I used to think it was Bon Scott, but no, you appear to be right, it's Mikey. Should mmake for an interesting comments section on his IGG project at least...

  8. The only way Mike Nystul can be a bigger asshole at this point is if he resembled an actual anus. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes me never want to contribute to a Kickstarter. At least James Maliszewski had a legitimate reason behind his Kickstarter failure.

  9. You think he still realizes this is up on his Facebook page? And how soon should he take this down?

    Deserve to Fail by Mike Nystul
    August 22, 2012 at 11:30am
    I watch a lot of Food TV - in so doing I have run across a lot of "My food business is failing so come save me" shows. I have decided that what these shows have revealed is a big part of what is wrong with this country. Here is a standard opening -

    "My wife and I decided to open this Hot Dog themed Fine Dining restaurant about six months ago. I have no experience in the industry but I always like to eat food that is yummy and I nuked up a pretty tasty pot pie once so I figured I was a natural. We have invested a million dollars and if this fails we lose everything."

    That's actually not too far of the mark. I'm not sure why the hosts don't just spit at these idiots. There was a time when you would prepare for a career or to start a new business by learning everything you could. You became an intern, formally or informally. Hell I design games and to learn what I needed to know to even think about running a tiny company took me almost a decade spent doing every job I could so i could see my profession from every possible angle.

    Ok so Bobby Flay or Robert Irvine or somebody swoops in and takes a run at saving these people from their own hubris. Two things wrong with that. First - it doesn't work. Check the internet. These people don't know any better after a day or two and eventually fall flat. Second - it feeds right into this particular aspect of THE LIE

    THE LIE - "You can do anything if you set your mind to it". BULLSHIT!!! Not at all true, not even close! You will do better than most of you are resolved and are willing to keep after something no matter what happens but wanting is not the same as working. A lot of people on these shows actually think that wanting something and believing in themselves is the key to success. Many of these people never even consider things like realistically learning their craft.

    On many of these shows the lackwits are shown to have no plan at all right up to a few days before they are supposed to open. In some cases they haven't even tried their recipes. One dude was actually so self deluded that he said "I have never tried these recipes but I know that they will work".

    Welcome to America. We chant how we are Number 1 while our actual numbers are pathetic. Number 1 in what? Not Literacy, that's for damned sure. We are Number 1 in believing in ourselves. That is a dangerous path. We weren't always like this either.

    I propose a new show called "Deserve to Fail" - three floundering businesses explain what they think has gone wring to a celebrity judge. The one who really gave it a good faith effort gets help. Say their wife got sick or something. Not their fault. Let's give them a hand. The moron who uses bottled sauce in his "signature sauce" (I have seen it done twice) gets NOTHING. The two other businesses are left to fail.As they deserve to.

  10. Yeah, but Nystul's got this magic aura about him. Hope the guy succeeds.


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