Friday, October 18, 2013

WotC, Gygax Memorial Fund and the Definition of "a Sizeable Contribution"

I find the Gygax Memorial Fund to be a really strange bird. You have to go to Facebook to find out about updated for the website:

The site NEVER seems to get updated yet it's still collecting funds. Now they are going to start a "new" fundraiser? The old one never ended.

Case in point, this was posted over at WotC today:
To help honor the memory and work of Gary Gygax, Wizards of the Coast created limited-edition, premium-covered reprints of his original three Dungeons & Dragons tomes (the Monster Manual, Player's Handbook, and Dungeon Master's Guide) and released them throughout the course of the last year. With the purchase of each of these monumental books, a portion of the proceeds was set aside for donation to the Gygax Memorial Fund, established to immortalize the "Father of Roleplaying Games" with a memorial statue in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 
Wizards of the Coast recently provided the fund with a sizeable contribution to help further the development of the memorial. Both the Gygax Foundation and Wizards of the Coast would like to extend a thank-you to the supporters of the premium reprint initiative so that the memory of the creator of Dungeons & Dragons can live on and touch the lives of future gamers around the world.
How much was donated from each book's sale? 5 bucks? A buck? 2 bits? A wooden nickel?

Just how much is "a sizeable contribution?

What's actually been done with the monies raised thus far?

How much more money needs to be raised to actually get the memorial set up?

How much is needed yearly to maintain it?

How much is needed for the scholarships?

They expect to have this up and running "within 3 years" - when did the clock start running on that?

Actually, are there any details known at all to the public, because the Gygax Memorial site isn't just light on updates, it's also sparse on details.

I'm all for this in theory, just hate the non-profits that want my money put don't really detail how it's going to be used, how much they are looking to raise, and how much is getting eaten by "admin fees and costs".

edit - props to +Dead Greyhawk for this:

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