Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tip Toe Through the Tunnels and Avoid the Trolls...

I really have no idea if I'll be running DCC (and finally wrapping up Doom of the Savage Kings) or some Tunnels & Trolls - all depends on the turnout we get for Saturday Night's Hangout Session.

In the meantime I'm thinking of some house rules...

I'm figuring classic fantasy races only. Well, classic for T&T, including fairies and leprechauns. I see hobbits are actually called "hobbits". Guess FBI didnt fear the Tolkien Estate as much as TSR did.

Humans get to roll 2 extra d6 at the end of generating their stats, and can swap them with any other dice rolled. As I'll be using Triples Are Rolled Over, it may allow the humans to overcome some of the stat advantages the demihumans have.

I've going to allow creative use of the Saving Rolls, especially for the rogues. I was thinking of using the optional skills from the back of 5.5 rules but they seem to add move numbers tracking then they are worth, at least for now.

Full "death spiral" for the monsters (both in combat dice and adds) and Spite Damage. I'll be using the special attacks based on Spite from 7e for some of the more special monsters. I've done enough of them on the blog to have some decently new things to throw at the party.

Definitely using the 5x expo and leveling rules as a base and not the 7x rules. Both the 7e and 7.5e expo and level rules seem broken to me. I understand why they are as they are, but they just dont feel right (I'm interested in seeing the dT&T leveling rules).

That's probably the extent of the house rules, which as house rules go aren't all that much ;)


  1. Tenkar, what is it about the idea that character levels actually depend upon the attributes and the character's ability instead of some arbitrary number of experience points that seems broken to you. Have fun with your Dark Ages version of the game.

  2. Basing it on stats, beginning characters can start above level 1 (much higher if you include the troll races and the like) with corresponding benefits.

    So yeah, Dark Ages for me ;)

    I think 5.5 is a tighter set of rules then 7.5, but the presentation in 5.5 is horrid - much better in 7.5

  3. So, did you play any T&T in the Saturday session?

    I agree about the levelling system by the way. 7th ed is good for con games, but I prefer the old way for campaign play, especially since I like the focus on LK, which I like to have as the main Save stat.


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