Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Wayward Kickstarter - How NOT to Present Your Kickstarter - Dungeon Crusade (Solo Board Game)

First things first - a big thanks to +James Aulds for pointing out Dungeon Crusade - it is destined to be a classic. Maybe not in the manner the creator had hoped, but a classic Kickstarter none the less.

Where shall I start?

Maybe the 22 minute long motion sickness inducing video that tops of the project's Kickstarter page. Simple rule of thumb - any video longer than 3 minutes is going to drop viewers faster than a 9th level fighter slicing through a pack of kobolds. 22 minutes means you just don't give a shit about your potential customers. If you can't say what you need in 2 minutes, you'll never be able to say it in 22. Well, that and cut down on the camera motion. If I want motion sickness, I'll get on a boat.

Looking to raise 80 grand? How about using proper grammar in the very first image we see of your prospective product:

Remember, when it comes to crowd-funding, you are selling yourself as much as you are your product. If you come off as sloppy on your Kickstarter page, what can we expect from what you are trying to sell?

Hey, but wait! There's more sloppiness in the first paragraph:

Alright, you can have a full paragraph, but let me warn you ahead of time, it will trip you up. Hell, maybe it's a solo adventure of it's very own.

So yeah. Decent concept, horrible presentation.

Over / under? About 6 feet.


  1. Yeah it got a little too Blair Witch Project for me. And 80 grand seems steep, but I have no idea what the production of a game board costs. He really should have someone do some editing for him.

  2. Holy crap, most of that would have been found with a decent spel chekr...

  3. Well, you TOLD me not to bother with the video, so what did I do? I started watching the video, of course!

    I made it through 3 minutes and 49 seconds. Blair Witch Project indeed, Tim. I also agree with Kevin . . . holy crap!

    A little more professionalism was definitely needed.

  4. It's all the more sad when you consider that there are proof-readers out there (I'm one) looking for work.

  5. Proof reading is a stretch goal.

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  7. Wow, I really feel the love! The Blair Witch is the best, I know, tripod or have someone else film. Erik, I shot you an e-mail. I have had much on my plate with my daily life. Guitar (business wise/teaching)prop building and construction, and father, plus other duties. I typed that Dungeon Crusade story quite quickly, and with how fast kickstarter took off, I did forget to go back and proof read it out. I'm a guy with too many irons in the fire at once. But, thanks to you, Erik with a K, I believe I cleaned it up a bit. Might I make mention, we're all in this together, not just games, but the human race. I'm someone that gives credit where credit is due, in anything that people accomplish, or are trying to achieve. I noticed James has struggles in his life, as you may also. I wouldn't ever put someone down for something they believe in, and are trying to achieve. Especially about rushing through a kickstarter project. I was just taken back, when something that you apparently enjoy (D&D, gaming, etc) has taken a step to try to bring something to that community, that people might enjoy. I saw some of your videos on You Tube also. And to be honest, you'd be an ideal person to talk to about gameplay mechanics, and concepts I have for Dungeon Crusade. In closing, everyone struggles with something in life. You seem like an intelligent man, you should sometimes consider the outcomes of your actions on people you meet in the future. Me personally, I've got a pretty thick skin. I've been through alot in my life. I'm speaking of people who are a bit more fragile and jaded. I wish you the best Erik...Rodger Deering

    1. Despite the grammatical trainwreck, I finally looked at the video. I'm actually pretty impressed. The game looks 'done', which puts it ahead of god knows how many other kickstarters out there. Looks like a crazy balls-out mix of Hero Quest and Dungeon Keeper. If I had the money to throw at it, I'd definitely pledge, but I'm too broke to invest that kind of dough and am a sad lonely bastard who would probably not find anyone to play it with. Regardless, good luck with it.

  8. "too many irons in the fire" yet 100% committed to Dungeon Crusade...maybe choose one iron to finish at a time?


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