Monday, September 16, 2013

Dice - Often Imitated, Never Replicated

The one thing I miss about gaming at a real, as aside from a virtual table, is the dice.

Don't get me wrong, virtual dice can be fun too, and the ability to game in your underwear is hard to beat - it's just that the physical act of rolling dice with all of the sights and sounds can't be replicated. Imitated maybe, but not replicated.

Well, that and the cat can't dream about how she's gonna knock your virtual dice around.

I admit to having a dice fetish of sorts. At least once a year I buy a pound of dice, or a 100 die grab bag and see what I get.

Do you too have a dice fetish? ;)


  1. *rolls 3d6*

    (12) "No, no, I do not have a dice fetish."

  2. I think that any serious role-play gamer has a dice fetish!

  3. Do cats dream of electric dice?

    1. My nearly 3 year old niece hits my dice jar whenever she comes over.

      Once she realizes the cat will play with them too, I'll be walking in the middle of a dice minefield ;)

      As for Ashley's dreams - I suspect dice, mice and other types of 'ice, electric or otherwise, do come into play :)

  4. I bought a pound of dice about a year ago. Then, feeling guilty about my excessive self-indulgence, I split it with my gaming group.


  5. I too have this awful disorder. It causes me to spend money on something I obviously don't need, and salivate over useless oddities like a "precision d30."


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