Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Do It Yourself Kickstarter - Build Your Own "RPG Gaming Table"

I remember seeing at least one prior RPG Table Kickstarter which had some major drawbacks -

Price, which was significant and delivery, which was within a certain driving distance from the project creator's home. Yep, personalized delivery as you were getting a piece of furniture.

With this project, you are getting PLANS to build your own RPG Gaming Table, which keeps the price down and makes delivery a breeze. You just need some skills, tools and a place to build it. Well, or hire someone to build it.

Still will be a pain to store when not in use, but the concept is pretty cool.


  1. It would be far better if the table top was stacked directly on top of your regular table. Then storage would be simpler and your table would be functional for other things than Dungeons and Dragons, like eating and table tennis.

  2. I'm going to take a look at this, thanks for sharing!

  3. I wonder if we could get IKEA interested in the gamer market :)


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