Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Classic "Temple of Elemental Evil" for FREE at D&D Classics (AD&D)

Yep, Temple of Elemental Evil is FREE at the D&D Classics web store until September 28th.

How good are the scans? Damn if I know, as I can't get the fucker to download ;)  Still, the price is right, and once it's in my online collection I can always download it later - assuming WotC doesn't pull all of it's products like it did in the past...


  1. Scans are pretty good. Bookmarking needs a little help on this one, but the actual pages are the clearest I've seen of the DnDClassics of the pre-third stuff.

  2. I picked up my copy earlier. I know when I was a young'n I waited for this damn module forever.

  3. Downloaded here OK. Also if you have an RPGNow account the log-ons are the same. Scans looked good here too.

  4. Thanks for pointing it out! Bit by bit, Wizards is making up for past mistakes.

  5. Yeah, thank you! Would've missed this otherwise.

  6. Looks fine. Nice to have this at last though it doesn't look all that inspiring TBH - no art in the Hommlet section is a pity.

  7. Thanks! I'd have missed this!


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