Thursday, August 8, 2013

Since We Are Talking About Iridia - How About that "Freecity of Haldane"?

I've been a reader of +Christian Walker 's musings on RPGs since the very beginning, and through it all, The Freecity of Haldane has always stuck out as something special to me.

Detailed enough to seem real, but not so detailed that the details get in the way of running it. Probably my favorite presentation of an urban environment I've come across in my years of gaming.

Thanks to +matt jackson for making me think of such things today and to mwschmeer for keeping the archives ;)


  1. Good choice. Maybe if we keep bugging Christian, he will start up another old school zine for us. :)

  2. This Mr. Walker fellow keeps popping up in posts...I don't think he's real.

  3. You can grab the most recent PDF version of THe Free City of Haldane from my Dropbox, here:

    The Free City of Haldane

    There are two files in the folder--the PDF and a cover file.

    1. Are Iridia magazines free/do you have permission to share it, because the cover says $2.00, and if they are, do you have any other issues?

      I'm aligned too much towards Lawful to support pirates :p

    2. I downloaded it from Christian's web presence back in the day when it came out, so yes, copy away.

      If memory serves the cover price was to buy hardcopy. Certainly I have all of his later 'zines in hardcopy but I was late to Iridia.

  4. "Probably my favorite presentation of an urban environment I've come across in my years of gaming."

    Vornheim is my favourite, but I need to check this out.


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