Monday, August 5, 2013

Numenera - No Longer an F'n Eyesore (thanks to a friend)

This is the crap I was bitching about last night:

and this is the corrected version:

which version would you rather read?

(why I had to jump through fucking hoops to get an actual, readable, usable version of Numenera that I paid good money for is beyond me)


  1. And how exactly did you get it to look so good?

  2. Most likely it was one of the various PDF utilities that can remove background images amongst other things.

  3. The "corrected version," by all means. I can definitely do without the artistic "watermark" nonsense.

    But that's just me.

  4. I like plain white backgrounds with PDFs and printed rpg books.

  5. So, what the hell did you do? Don't tease us.

    1. I didnt do anything - a friend did.

      I'll ask them later ;)

  6. Yes, the white page is easier but the background image does not look as intrusive as some White Wolf layouts.

  7. I do that with every pdf I buy that has obscuring backgrounds. I also dislike the fullpage 'grayscale parchment' that a lot of publishers are using.

  8. I hate those color ink wasting background smudges myself.

  9. Wow that cleaned up really well! Yeah I think graphic designers expect us to gawk at the pretty instead of actually read this stuff.

  10. This has been a problem since the 2e days...
    For some reason there must be a considerable portion of the RPG market that wants their books 'graphically enhanced' ... the ENnies even have a prize category for "best production values" so apparently some gamers just want their books to "look nice," like a hammer with a mirror polish. 0_o

  11. I would really like to know how to do this kind of clean-up. Preferably step-by-step. For Mac users. Please for the love of God.

  12. I find the watermarked version easier to read on computer screens. My number one problem with electronic reading is the brightness of the white background.

    For printed pages, however, I vastly prefer a plain background.


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