Monday, August 5, 2013

13th Age Arrives in Print - A Fine Example of Using Art and Print on the Same Page

Hard to focus with a cat tail in the upper right corner ;)
I need another vacation just to read gaming material ;)

I had a lot of goodies arrive today (including my Google Chromecast, but that's a whole 'nother story) but the main item was 13th Age.

I can't vouch for the rules in 13th Age any more then I can for Numenera at this point, but I can say I'll be reading the rules for 13th Age before Numenera. The layout is is quite simply much more pleasing to my eyes, and that's half the battle ;)

The right way to integrate text and art on the same page

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  1. See that sort of jamming art into the middle of text and then conforming all of the text around it annoys the shit out of me. Lines of text with varying margins from line to line look awful.

    It may sound old school, but I much prefer a simple double column with art seperated from the text.


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