Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Stuff Today Only From Purple Duck Games

Today is +Mark Gedak 's birthday, the man behind Purple Duck, and he has put some stuff out there for Free TODAY ONLY:
Following Daniel Bishop example of giving things away on his birthday. I've put the following things written by me up for free today. Get them if you haven't yet. 
Purple Mountain I 
A Score of Trapped Chests
Legendary II: Legendary Weapons  
I wish I could offer something newer but most of my time now is spent in layout and not writing. 
Feel free to share the link so that nobody misses out. 


  1. Dude! August 10th is *my* birthday! I got Purple Mountain from today's giveaway. I'd already bought the other two.

    Damon Griffin (yeah, it'll say Peni Griffin, because my wife's actually the one on Google...)

  2. Yes, Jason.

    These are for Pathfinder. I haven't done much development in other systems and haven't done any writing in DCC or the other OSRs yet. I have releases in those lines but they were not written by me. The plan was to give away something written by me.


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