Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mini Review - CE 4 - The Seven Deadly Skills of Sir Amoral the Misbegotten (DCC RPG Campaign Element)

I got to run a playtest session of CE 4 - The Seven Deadly Skills of Sir Amoral the Misbegotten a week ago Saturday with my group. The timing was perfect, as we were short a few players and that is something the Campaign Elements series by +Daniel Bishop specializes in - handling parties of all sizes.

It was just the right length for the time we had to game and had a built in hook to move on the next adventure. Roll play and combat all rolled into one. All that and one of the PCs gets a nice, small boost. This is a location I expect the players will wish to return to at some point.

So yeah, the CE series works as billed - suitable for parties of almost any number and level and are easy to slip in where needed in your campaign.

From the blurb:

In years long past, Gryffon Keep was a border fortification guarding a somewhat well-used roadway. In that day, the keep was placed in the trust of Sir Harold Amoral, one of the greatest warriors available to the then Lord Duke. Time has changed the land, and brought the keep low, and Sir Amoral has become little more than a figure of fable and children’s story. That the ruins in the forest were those of fabled Gryffon Keep have been forgotten by most, and the area is now known to locals as the Forest Ruin.

Although history has faded to legend, the ghost of Sir Amoral still haunts the ruined keep. During his lifetime, he sought to hoard his martial knowledge so that it might never be used against him by a mortal foe. Now, after death, he regrets this parsimony, and seeks above all to pass on his skills to those who are worthy.

The catch, of course, is that the ghost believes that only he can determine who is (or is not) worthy – and, of course, his methods for doing this are deadly.

The Campaign Elements series is designed to help judges create persistent campaign worlds, as well as deal with patron quests, divine requests, and the sudden need to “Quest For It”.  Whether it is because you are short on players one evening, or the wizard needs to locate a new spell, the Campaign Elements series has you covered.

Each of these areas is short enough to be played through by most groups in only a single session.  That doesn't mean that the value of the area is limited to a single session – each adventure includes notes on “squeezing it dry”…effectively getting the maximum re-use from your investment.

An adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics characters across multiple levels.

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