Saturday, August 10, 2013

Majus By Michael Curtis - In Hand and PDF

I think these bookmarks will be Minor Contest Prizes
I was a backer of the Majus Kickstarter by Goblinoid Games. It's a modern magic RPG written by Michael Curtis and powered by the classic Pacesetter System (Chill, Timemaster, Sandman and others). I had lots of fun running Pacesetter games in my college days and having Michael Curtis writing one was icing on the cake.

I woke up to my RPGNow code in my email this morning and returned from visiting my mother in law to find my printed copy in my actual mailbox. It's a good day.

Of course, yet more for me to read and review ;)

Did I mention the non-watermarked layout layout?


  1. Received mine today as well, got the PDF coupon in the email also. An on time Kickstarter, 'nuff said.

  2. Excellent! I'd love to read a review/overview, this one has me interested. I almost backed the KS but had to back out.

  3. Not to mention that the KS Estimated Delivery was August 2013 and -- sonuvabitch -- it was on time and damn near early.


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