Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Game Session That Nearly Wasn't

Last night before the game session my internet went down twice. Not a good sign. And it really isn't my internet, as I'm currently on vacation in the Poconos. My parents went from piss poor DSL to pretty poor DSL recently, and this was the first serious test.

I found that so long as I killed the incoming video feeds on G+ AND kept my father off of Netflix, I only had rare moments of distorted audio.

When we all got in to the session, is was time to level up the four players that could make it to level them to actual classes, as last week had been the funnel.

A wizard, an elf and two warriors, it took a little time to sort it all out. And then there were the usual side treks in the conversation - everything from Land of the Lost to juvenile attempts to decode scramble porn back in the day.

I think it was nearly two hours before we actually got to the game session proper. Even that almost didnt happen, as there was some thought of just wrapping things up as we were short party members.

Luckily, we were set to playtest an upcoming release in Purple Duck's Campaign Elements series of releases. It truly was usable and adaptable to all levels / party sizes. The session went well (and thankfully it was short, as we had already burned much time) and it even was used to easily set up next weeks session - Doom of the Savage Kings.

Well done +Daniel Bishop . I'll give the latest CE a proper review when it is released :)

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