Monday, July 29, 2013

Magic Mayhem Monday - Zaznaraz's Cage of Flesh and Bone (DCC RPG Magic Item)

Zaznaraz's Cage of Flesh and Bone - This 12" tall, 10" wide and 10" deep cage is made of human bone wrapped and held together by human skin and tendons.

Inside this small cage is a dimly glowing white orb. If the orb is removed from the cage, it will dim and turn to a white powder in less than an hour, effectively destroyed. Creating a new orb requires sacrifice of living beings and permanent attribute loss by the wizard involved. The details, if required, should be fleshed out by the Judge.

Zaznaraz's Cage of Flesh and Bone is a prized possession of any wizard which might come across it, as it can be used to enhance spellburn.

When a Wizard spellburns, he may use Zaznaraz's Cage of Flesh and Bone to add the effect. When the cage is first found, roll 1d3+1. These are the attribute points that the orb within the cage holds. The wizard can burn these in addition his own (the wizard must spellburn at least 1 point to enhance the spellburn with the orb), and the regenerates 1 point of spellburn per day.

If the wizard rolls a natural one on his spellburn attempt, in addition to the usual corruption check, he must make a Luck Roll. Failure on the luck roll means that 1 point of the wizards own spellburn is transferred to the orb permanently (determine the attribute that suffers the permanent loss randomly). When this happens, increase the orb's own attribute point total by one permanently.


  1. Just saw this reposted on Tower of the Archmage. Very cool.

  2. The negative effect is very nice. When I'll start to run DCC I need to hope that the characters can find one of these.

    1. ...DCC I hope that the PCs can find one of these.


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