Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Quick Peek at Numenera


That is my initial reaction to the Numenera RPG PDF that I received yesterday after supporting the Kickstarter.

Over 400 pages long, its too much for me to digest in PDF. I'll need to await the hardcover's delivery.

The Numenera Player's Guide comes in at under 70 pages, and I might be better suited reading that first. Actually, I've leafed through it (the Core and the Guide), and Numenera gives off a highly revised 3.5e vibe. Needlessly confusing in the way it figures out the DC for certain roles, which I find annoying, but my opinion may change as I read further.

I can't help but wonder how much of Numenera was destined for D&D Next before Monte left the team.


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  2. How are your multiply by 3 / divide by 3 skills doing? :-)

  3. I agree, both on trying to read it as a PDF and the 3.5 feel, even though it initially seemed different. I stopped reading the core book to read the player's guide instead.

  4. At least it is relatively on time. It certainly looks nice, though I am a bit iffy on some of the artwork.

    I tried to read some of the main rulebook, but I guess my age is catching up to me as well (we are the same age) and I just couldn't read it even on my 27" monitor. I think I am at that point in life where having a pdf is convenient but I still want to read and hold a real book.

  5. Other than the core mechanic revolving around a d20, I'm not getting that 3x feel at all. It is a lot go by PDF, though and cannot wait to get the dead tree edition.


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