Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Metric Ton of FATE (This is a Heavy Book)

So, I got my signed copy of FATE Core along with a set of FATE dice this weekend (I never paid extra for the FATE Accelerated book in print it seems).

What surprises me most? This book is heavy, which is surprising for it's size (trade paper back-ish) and page count (about 300 pages). I could hit somebody in the head with this and do some serious damage.

No idea if I'll ever play a session of FATE, let alone run one, but the book is a beauty physically and the font looks relatively easy on the eye to read. Maybe when I get through my OSR backload of reading I'll get to this.

Eh, who am I kidding? I'll never get through that backload ;)


  1. If it's that heavy you can use it to beat confessions* out of perps/skels/dirtbags and explain it with "He was FATEd to tell me, your honor."

    *Yes everyone, I do know Erik doesn't beat suspects.
    Instead he goes on one of his Kickstarter rants, and after they stop sobbing, they confess everything.

  2. There's something I like about that "Rob D. Pro-Biotic" signature I like. I have the .pdf version of that game and you're right, it's a beauty. My brain doesn't quite grok FATE, but I will keep on trying as the people who like it /really/ like it so perhaps there is something I'm missing with all that aspect tagging and what not.

    1. I think tagging just means bringing in or accounting for stuff that you usually account for anyway.

      e.g. the (tag:rocky ground), (tag:hydrochloric acid rain) and your (tag:broken leg) make you -6 on your attack.

      Some can go either way. e.g. My vestigial wings allow me to jump from a greater height. But hamper me in tight spaces.

      I think.

      FATE has appeal. It would be nice to have a simple universal engine that you could take out for a spin whenever I get an idea for a setting or such. But, yeah, the grokking may not be there for me either.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I think FATE would be one of the greatest RPGs ever, if it is the first RPG you ever play.

      Unfortunately most of us older gamers were weened on the teet of random charts and ridiculous mechanics, grapple anyone?

      I found the easiest way to "grok" FATE is to view it as one step of complexity above being six years old tying a towel around your neck running around the backyard pretending to be a superhero.

      Once I stopped trying to look at it from the angle of how does this "system" work and see that "tagging" is not much more than reminding your friend he got shot in the leg I found it much easier to learn.

      I dig it. I also think the new wave of narrative games like FATE are great for the fledgling GM or the lazy GM that is not good at prep.

      I still love a solidly crafted heavily prepped adventure, but those take time and gaming on the fly allows for more gaming. :)


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