Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Went to the ER and All I Got Was Slightly Less Pain and Meds

I'm trying to put together the list of the winners for the July DCC RPG Contest. I know who they are, I just need to link the prizes to them, and award all the other prizes and fun stuff.

I'm also enjoying the effects of antibiotics and a pain killer from todays trip to the private ER.

Yay I'm healing! Fuck I'm still in pain!

Is it wrong to want to drink a beer or two in the midst of all this fun?

In any case, I'm working on the post of the contest winners, but I seem to be having difficulty keeping it all in order. Not sure if it's because of the pain or the pain killer... sigh.

Hopefully it all sorts out tonight.


  1. Beer and pain pills, not a good mix.

  2. Friends don't let friends drink and . . . take pain meds!

    Bad idea.

  3. Wrap it up in the tavern next time.

  4. That burning sensation is xp.

  5. alright, no drinking :(

    hmm - if I drink enough, i wont care about the pain and no need for those meds - need to think about that ;)

  6. I could make you up a nice juice of raw organic garlic, ginger, lemon and honey, and teleport it your way. It's not the same as beer but it'll sure do the trick.

    Hope you feel better SOON.

  7. Man Erik, you are starting to sound like a Kickstarter. :P

    1. look at how i just fucked up the DCC winners announcement post - i should have taken the extra day ;(

    2. Given how many contests you've run, it was going to happen one day. Pain killers can make things go wonky. Sleep it off and repost in the morning.

    3. Maybe you should hire a contest secretary/barmaid :p


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