Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bits and Pieces - Winners, Losers and Whiners

First day of vacation has caught up to me. With the help of Hex Ox, I've determined the winners of the July DCC RPG Contest, but I don't have the time tonight to post it and award all of the prizes and still finish game prep for tonight. Sorry, it will have to wait till the morning ;)

Now, a brief message to my legion of fans over at Youthful Dilettantes Intellectually Stunted - No, I haven't supported every fucked up Kickstarter I write about - there are enough poorly run Kickstarters to keep those posts going forever if I never spend another dime. Glad you enjoy them. Sorry to hear you haven't found your way out of the outhouse behind the Tavern. No worries, when you turn 21 you can walk in through the front door and get served.

Alright, back to game prep ;)


  1. InsofarasIknow I do not believe I have known the joy of being the target of the Youthful fellows' attack...yet.

  2. Wait...that site is still around?

  3. I do enjoy ydis and truth be told I found your blog through them. I always assumed you posted on ydis once I'm a while.

    1. I've never had the distinction of posting at YDIS. Any site where posters distinguish themselves by using aliases such as Zak's Cunt Hair is probably a place I'm not welcome.

      I do peek when my traffic trackers show hits from YDIS, as I like to see who's posting from the Turdshack and sending traffic my way..

      @J, I'm certainly not singling you out, and just like every other person I enjoy slowing down and rubbernecking as YDIS goes of the rails, but it's certainly not a place you'd catch me socializing.


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