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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Announcing the Winners of July DCC RPG Contest (with a follow up tomorrow)

(HUGE fucking edit! Why I should not post while in pain / on meds)

(Second edit - I THINK it's right now)

The winners of the DCC RPG Adventure Path contest are:

C  B at 21 points

G  F G at 20 points (someone shoot me)

F  E at 19 points

1st Place goes to Dithering Fool you get: print copies of In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer (Mythic Bull Games)AL3 Through the Cotillion of Hours (Purple Duck Games), AN1 The Ruins of Ramat (Brave Halfling) and AN2 The Vile Worm (Brave Halfling)

2nd Place goes to Bannana Bill you get: print copies of AL3 Through the Cotillion of Hours (Purple Duck Games), AN1 The Ruins of Ramat (Brave Halfling) and AN2 The Vile Worm (Brave Halfling)

3rd Place goes to Hex Ox, you get a PDF copy of In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer (Mythic Bull Games) -

Special Mention goes to yves larochelle - Yves, Dak and I will hook you up with the latest issue of Crawl! You kicked things off with an excellent entry.

I need y'all to email me at tenkarsDOTavern and that gmail thing

Our other 4 entrants will also get some loot as will some of the voters. I'll figure that out tomorrow. Time to lie down and abuse myself reading some more Playing at the World. It's painful but good.

(I'm really out of sorts - this better be right this time - I need to sleep at this point I think ;)


  1. Could be the pain killers, but are you sure those are right, because C didn't get any votes, but B got a lot and F got two :p

  2. fuck me - I knew i shoulda waited

  3. According to my calculations (if you trust me) everything is ok, except G got 2nd place with 20 points instead of F (sorry Daniel Bishop).

    1. No worries. The best entries won....which is as it should be!

      Congrats to the winners!

    2. I can already imagine the first cover of your new eastern line of CEs, where an ox spirit uses law and strange charts to steal the crow kings treasure.

      More CEs and (first?) Appendix N far east themed DCC product would make everyone happy. :)

  4. I like that version when C got votes! ;) Congratulations to you Fool, Bill and Ox tho! (I bealive +Erik Tenkar subconciously knew the real winner :P )

  5. I didn't even enter the contest, but I still think I would have had a chance to win if Erik had taken another pain killer.

  6. Congratulations to winners, and thanks Tenkar, other entrants, and voters (especially those that voted E ;p).

  7. Nice one! Thanks all for the votes. Emrikol really is a bastard, appearantly :)



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