Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Day Late and a Kickstarter Short - Nystul Works the Bait & Switch With Axes & Anvils Update #52

Progress Report

Update #52 · Jul 23, 2013 · 1 comment  

Yesterday I took stick (you beat it with a stick? are you now beating Andrew?) of everything I had on hand and decided what the preview draft should contain, taking into account Andrew's recommendations and your feedback (Our feedback has been "Where the fuck is our shit Mike!" Hey, didn't you owe us an update yesterday?). Many of you have stated concerns about a rushed draft (we are stating concerns that there is NOTHING and you are full of shit). That is not my plan (you have a plan? amazing). You have waited long enough to have something that feels complete unto itself. With that in mind, I am assembling something that has everything so you get a full sense of the feel of the game (WTF does the sentence mean? Confusion is not supposed to be a Nystul spell). The final edition will simply include more (of nothing).

On the art front, I assembled the resources I have from Jeff. I am also working with a couple of freelancers. Another artist who is contributing is David Okum from Okum Arts. He has put together an awesome set of Axes and Anvils standups.

I am back at work today and hope to assemble a draft for Andrew and I that has everything we currently have so that it is very clear what remains to be filled in before we do our edit pass and send it out to all of you (holy shit! is Mike German? because this is a typical run on German sentence. I hope if this project ever gets done Mike isnt self editing) I will try to get you a few pages to look at in the next day or two.

Wait a sec! Mike is already breaking his rules from update 50 (July 20 - 2 days ago):
Here is the plan: Starting Monday I will share what I am doing every day. I will post some pages, some rules and art. I will be completely transparent. As Backers you will also have the opportunity to post feedback if you like. 
If I fail to make progress for 3 consecutive days or 5 days total Andrew gets the go ahead to take what we have, button it up and get it out.


  1. I heard something similar to this once . . . I was speaking with a used car salesman.

    Not that I'm making any comparisons, mind you. ;)

  2. Yeah, now all Nystul needs to do is somehow attach an extended warranty or a service plan to Axes & Anvils.

    "You can get access to pdf updates if you don't like the original book for whatever reason, which includes errata and rules changes--for only $20 more! You can't lose!"

  3. "With that in mind, I am assembling something that has everything so you get a full sense of the feel of the game (WTF does the sentence mean? Confusion is not supposed to be a Nystul spell)."

    LOL! I have to say reading your analysis of this fiasco has been a real stress reliever. I am thankful that I didn't sign on to it, on the surface it was very appealing and tempting, but I would be among the outraged at this point.

    I often laugh at your comments and appreciate the candor of them.
    Axes & Anvils should be repackaged as Wishes & Washouts: Kickstarters for your Crotch.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Sadly I think the man needs a serious dose (several years, maybe even a decade's worth) of counseling and short of that nothing is going to happen. Of course most of us do (need counseling that is), but then again very few of us take $35,038 of other people's money, fart it away, and then say we're sorry and in about a year or so we can maybe send out some art and some pages of rules that someone else wrote, but only if we really feel like it since we want to preserve our oh-so-high standards. I wonder what it's like for him to show up at conventions now? Can't be too much fun I'd guess. Unless he's so far gone he doesn't even realize what's going on anymore.

  5. The second paragraph is my favorite because he tries so hard to make it sound like artists giving him the art is something that he did. He "assembled" the art. If that verb isn't vacuous enough for you, he "hopes to assemble" a draft.

    His purpose for this reboot-ultimatum act was clear: Show actual work to show progress and to get our feedback. I don't give a flying f*** at a rolling donut what he hopes.

  6. So, the new spell is "Nystul's Total Insanity". Save or go mental?

    He failed.

  7. "Because back at work today I am and a draft for Andrew and I to assemble hope that everything we currently have has so that clear it is what to be filled in remains before our edit pass we do and out to all of you we sent it I to get you a few pages to look at in the next day or two will try."

    *That* would be German. :-)

    1. Nope!
      A German would have produced that book on time. :-)

  8. At least Axes and Anvils backers are getting updates, us Infinite Dungeon backers haven't heard squat for months.

    1. I don't know if these kind of doubletalk BS "updates" are actually better than nothing. It's a tossup really.

    2. It is a form of entertainment, expensive entertainment that we didn't sign up for, but you have to make do with what you get.

  9. I want someone to give me $35K to apologize and make excuses. I could do that a few times a year, make a lot more money, and have more time to write and game. :)

  10. This is the only kickstarter I've seen where the project creator has almost 60 updates about how "things are coming" and yet has nothing to show for it.


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