Friday, July 26, 2013

Answering Random Wizard's Top Ten Troll Questions for Your Game

Here's my answers to Random Wizard's Top Ten Troll Questions for Your Game 

(1). Race (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling) as a class? Yes or no?

a - depends on the ruleset. As I'm currently running DCC, I'll go yes

(2). Do demi-humans have souls?

a - sure. animals too while we are at it

(3). Ascending or descending armor class?

a - either or - I'm a fan of S&W and it's flexibility in this matter

(4). Demi-human level limits?

a - except for halfling fighters, do we ever really hit it?

(5). Should thief be a class?

a - yep. but I prefer bards ;)

(6). Do characters get non-weapon skills?

a - ACKS is about as complicated as I would get with this, but yes

(7). Are magic-users more powerful than fighters (and, if yes, what level do they take the lead)?

a - fireball is the game changer in classic / AD&D - in DCC, I think it balances a bit better as all of the classes can bust out beyond the others if lucky with their rolls

(8). Do you use alignment languages?

a - say what? never have

(9). XP for gold, or XP for objectives (thieves disarming traps, etc...)?

a - gold, killing, special achievements and the like

(10). Which is the best edition; ODD, Holmes, Moldvay, Mentzer, Rules Cyclopedia, 1E ADD, 2E ADD, 3E ADD, 4E ADD, Next ?

a - 1e if I had to choose, but I like them all and their little clones too!

Bonus Question: Unified XP level tables or individual XP level tables for each class?

a - really depends on the system - in AD&D, those xpo tables are part of the class balancing

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