Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Idle Hands are the Devil's Tools - Does That Mean I Should Start Crafting Some DCC Magic Items Again?

I wrote some DCC RPG magic items, which I later scrubbed off the serial numbers, mixed with some Swords & Wizardry stuff and released in the Minor Majics & Miscellaneous Arcana Vol I & II (see the Stuff I'm Hawking on the right side).

They were good OSR style magic items, and the weapons had history, but they really weren't DCC RPG magic items for the most part. I was running DCC pick up games, but my knowledge had holes that I freely admit I used AD&D to fill when in doubt.

I'm a bit more immersed in all things DCC these days. By no means an expert, but I've filled in most of the holes in my knowledge.

So, I'm thinking of writing up some DCC RPG flavored magic items on the blog, maybe posting them once or twice a week. Possibly themed - like 4 posts on rings, 4 on armor, 3 on misc items, whatever.

I think magic swords are fairly well covered in the rulebook, although some unique variations are always fun.

Any type of items folks are specifically looking for?


  1. Do four items based upon things shown in the post picture.

    That weird cube fleshy cube thing.

    The Cthulhu headish deal in the long jar. Lower right.

    The mini imp succubus in the lower left.

    and the small wandish rod hanging from a nail on the doorway.

    1. To me "and the small wandish rod hanging from a nail on the doorway." looks like a scroll case :p

      Preserved human heads with bells hanging from their hair looks very interesting.

  2. Since it is Christmas in July you should do the 12 magic items of Christmas.

  3. I'd say you should use your idle time to do Adventures Dark and Deep monsters, but my editor would kill me if I added any more.

    1. LoL!

      maybe I'll write one up for the Unofficial OSR Zine ;)

  4. You seem to have a hard-on for DCC anymore so go for it.

  5. I'd love to see more items that come with a cost.


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