Monday, March 18, 2013

Thoughts on Mixing DCC RPG Adventures with Crypts & Things

My Don Quixote like quest to houserule Swords & Wizardry into something suitable for my "lapsed gamer group" has taken me to the idea of using Crypts & Things pretty much as is. It's S&W with many of the house rules i was looking to use baked into the system and it seems geared to smaller party play.

Having run a few DCC RPG game sessions, I'm pretty secure in stating that the DCC Adventures have a very strong Swords & Sorcery feel and would fit well in a C&T powered campaign with some tweaking of adversary numbers and of the "sure death" situations that seem to crop up in the DCC RPG.  I have little need for PC attrition beyond the usual OSR amount... heh

My players seem receptive to at least giving C&T a try, and mechanically it should be little different than the previous (and first and thus far only) game session.

Cleric / M-U rolled into one, everyone can attempt most "skills", a lowered reliance on magical healing,  doing away with most mundane magic, no demihumans - that and more should make this an interesting experiment, if nothing else...


  1. Sounds like a good combination.

  2. Yes! That sounds great! I really hope an Sword & Sorcery supplement or setting for DCC RPG comes up sometime! It really fit the spirit of the rules.

  3. C&T for the Win :)

    Should work like a dream, I spent all of last year's con season demoing it to folk who've not played D&D for years (and would never consider it) and its been big happy smiles all round :)

  4. I strongly suggest that you use Akrasia Magic rules instead of the ones in C&T. They seem superficially similar, but they are really unbalanced. In the original Akratic wizardry you don't forget spells as you cast them, but you'll have to pay HPs for casting spells.

    The rates were based on spell level and color. White is LVL+1 HP, grey LVL*2 and black is LVL+1 and a saving throw to avoid LVL wisdom damage (or permanent loss with a natural 1). In C&T you both forget both forget and have to pay LVL*2 for grey spells. White spells are fire and forget and black spells too, except you have to roll the saving throw.

    I liked the fluidity of the original system, but whatever you think about vancian magic, grey spells are just too costly in C&T by the book.

    1. from the Akrasia Magic rules:

      "Magicians use the ‘magic-user’ experience chart, spell chart (ignoring spells above level 6), and saving throws"

      seems to indicate they use the spells per day even in the original version

    2. "Magicians may cast any spell that they have prepared any number of times – however, as explained below, they suffer exhaustion (loss of hit points) every time that they cast a spell, which limits how many spells they can cast before resting."

      Yes, but they don't forget them when casting.

  5. DCC risk to have a little too much magic...


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