Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gothridge Manor is Doing a Huge Giveaway to Celebrate 1,000 Posts

Yep, +Tim Shorts over at the Gothridge Manor Blog has hit one thousand posts, and he's giving away some awesome swag to 4 lucky readers to celebrate. You do read the Gothridge Manor blog, don't you? The Manor fanzine? If not, you've been missing out big time.

So, your mission is to go to Tim's blog and congratulate him. If any confirmed members of the 2,000 Coppers Community are lucky enough to win, I'll toss in a $5 RPGNow credit on top of the phat loot that Tim has rounded up.

So, what the hell are you waiting for? Go!


  1. That's nice of you, thanks for that. I met him for lunch today and we were reading the comments.

    Really fun stuff.

    1. 25 miles of road and probably an hour drive separate my work location from my wife's - meeting for lunch is not an option :(

      That being said, I hope the lunch was amazing, as you both obviously had good company ;)

  2. Exactly.

    Very cool to hit 1000 posts and give away all that great stuff.

    I am going to need to do something like this soon myself.

  3. Eric thanks for the shout out my man. Climbing closer to 100 comments and Matt is going to put all of his stuff in the swag. It's almost like a stretch goal. :P


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