Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Talk Spells, Shall We?

The response to yesterday's post on the Sleep spell was great. Thought provoking and some really good feedback. The ideas on how to use the spell against players without causing a TPK were well done. I really wish G+ and Blogger comments were easily shared, as those on one side and not the other missed out.

So, here's the question:

Shall I make such questions / observations / discussions an irregular / regular feature?

There's a nice amount to chew upon, such as:

If a Fireball is cast in a 10' x 10' room, is there blowback (i need to dig up the old Dragon Mag that discussed this).

Create Food and Water - if you don't have proper receptacles waiting, does it just drop on the floor and wash away?

Lightning Bolt - how does the rebound thing work when you aren't using miniatures?

Oh, I've got dozens ;)

So, what say you? Any interest in this?


  1. Stop breaking my magic orbs, will ya!


    1. i'm always getting into trouble ;)

      I didn't do it!!!

  2. I recall there was once a spell called Rounding the Square or Squaring the Circle or something insane in the Tome of Magic. It basically allowed you to use calculus to customize the range and area of area of effect spells. The only catch was that the area or volume of the altered effect had to be equal to the original allowed area or volume.

    Did this allow for quantum casting? Could area of effect spells be turned into infinitesimally narrow death beams with virtually infinite range?

  3. Short anecdote: Just recently in my OSR-inspired Pathfinder campaign the fresh 5th level elven magic-user... pardon... wizard used lightning bolt for the first time...
    He knew about the rebounding, but he didn't knew how long such a lightning bolt is on the battlemap. Well, the bugbear chieftain got hit twice... and he himself even three times... he survived just so hard into the negatives... with a lot of luck and good saves.
    Oh, and without battlemap? Dice and logic. How else?

    Sooo... Yes. ;)


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