Friday, March 22, 2013

Dwimmermount Update #48: Good News Emerges from the Dungeon

I'm very happy to announce that this afternoon, James Maliszewski transferred to Autarch the Kickstarter funds necessary for us to complete the Dwimmermount project and pay the artists who haven't been compensated for their work.

The next step will be to negotiate a transfer of the rights we'll need to develop and publish James' draft and use the contributions of the artists whose work was done under contract to him. The details of this agreement will take a little while to iron out, but we're confident that a happy arrangement will be reached. James has clearly demonstrated his intent to do the right thing and we've received some invaluable assistance in drafting a proposed contract that we feel is fair to all parties.

This transfer of IP is the last barrier to progress. Once it's lifted we'll begin working out a new estimate of when we can deliver the remaining rewards and bonus goal items. Some of these, like the wilderness mat, are very close to being ready to ship. Others will take longer to finish polishing, but in every case I have no doubt we'll be able to do justice to the vision of Dwimmermount and fulfill the promises of this Kickstarter.

I know backers have waited a long time already, and although we're moving forward again we're still a ways from the finish line. Autarch remains committed to the offer of discount coupons described in the last update as a way of making restitution for our role in the delays; we'll have those ready soon. However, if at any point you feel that you've waited long enough or lost faith in our efforts to deliver on our promises to you, I'm glad that we've now reunited Autarch's responsibility and ability to offer a full refund on the Dwimmermount pledge of any backer who chooses this option.

I hope that you'll continue to stand by your investment in this dream, and even if not that you at least got more out of the experience than if you'd invested your pledge in the stock market instead. Whatever your decision, I want to thank you for having helped get us this far. Game on!



(Holy Crap! Good news indeed)


  1. What a mench. Tavis is A-OK in my book.

  2. Tavis has done well and all credit to him.

    I'm still iffy on their next ACKS KS, though. All have been late and now they'll be playing catch-up big time on Dwimmermount. I like them and I like their stuff but I think I'll let them retail it for a while.

  3. At this point I have lost interest in even running Dwimmermount. This product will go to the shelf until it is time to eBay off stuff I don't need again. After Stonehell and some Barowmaze, my player's could care less about more megadungeons.

    This is becoming a big problem with all late Kickstarters for me. By the time the products finally ship, my game and interests have moved on.

  4. Any news regarding when the hardcopy editions might be for sale?


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